The Issue:

Project Summary

Considering the importance of the safety of residents and visiting pilgrims in Madinah, in this project, we propose a smart city application for tracking and locating the missing person using an emerging Internet of Things (IoT) based system. We aim to evaluate the performance of Bluetooth low energy (BLE), low power wide area network (LPWAN), and RFID technologies, both individually and as a hybrid solution. The majority of existing solutions to find missing persons use video analytics, GPS, RFID, or thermal sensors, and they are reactive systems.  However, we propose an IoT based system with a proactive approach to help security officials in Madinah and the Department of lost and found in Masjid e Nabavi in two major safety issues:

1) Tracking the companion of missing person found by a security official.

2) Tracking the location of a reported missing person using IoT based system.


  • To Analyze requirements of the proposed solution
  • Development of Applications for the proposed solution
  • Implementation and testing of the proposed IoT prototype
  • Integration of face recognition algorithm with soft voting scheme to efficiently track missing person


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